Just when you thought Music in the Mulga couldn’t get any bigger, the initial lineup for 2018 has just been announced.

The first list of acts secured for its 2018 lineup include Graeme Connors, Jetty Road and Fanny Lumsden.

“We have a great lineup for 2018, its going to be better than ever,” says Music in the Mulga Director Carmel Meurant.

Graeme Connors

Jetty Road

Fanny Lumsden

Simply Bushed

Jared Porter

Travellin’ Still

Danny Phegan & Longreach

Jeff Brown

Andy Abra

Adam Kilpatrick

The Long & The short Of It

Keith Dunn

Smokie “Pete” Dawson

Graham Howle

George Czender

Bob Howson

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