The Long and Short of it

Award winning Australian Country Music duo who write and record brilliant songs.

The Long and Short of It’s David Baird (the short) sings this line with his smooth tenor voice on “Just One Moon”, one of the many stunning tracks from the duo’s new album You Made Me Stronger. But the same line could be used to describe the happenstance surrounding how David met his songwriting partner, a lawyer by day and vocalist by night named Patsy Toop (the long), who five years ago summoned the courage to approach David at a charity gig he was performing and ask him if she might be able to sing along. The rest is history.

Interestingly enough, though both are classically trained musicians, it was their joining of forces that gave each the audacity to take what had previously only been a hobby and make it a profession. It was the right move. In the years since their meeting with fate, The Long and Short of It has taken the Australian country music scene by storm with their smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyricism, “honey coated chocolate” harmonies, and the wide range of new and old country musical styles they’re capable of playing. Validating this claim is the fact that they’ve played multiple big-name festivals and won numerous prestigious awards, including the Daryl Kirkup Award from the Tamworth Songwriters’ Association and two Canberra Country Songwriting Awards: Best Western Swing for “My Life is So Black & White” and Best Country Rock Song for “I’m Free”.

Having produced four records full of original material in four years, David and Patsy took their act to the next level in 2013 by heading to Nashville, Tennessee, to record what would become their 5th album, 2014’s You Made Me Stronger. Working with Emmy winning producer Kenny Royster and a slew of high profile session musicians (including Keith Urban’s keyboardist and Patsy Cline’s acoustic guitarist) for 3 weeks worth of 14-hour days at Kenny’s Direct Image Studios, David and Patsy painstakingly assembled what would become their best album to date.

Critics have been heavy handed with praise for the record, with Nashville music reviewer Alexander W. Sims saying, “…The Long and Short of It have created a record that uniquely salutes the sounds of past and present artists. Every aspect of this album bleeds country flair from the rhythm section to the harmonized vocals.” The band has received kind press from local outlets in Australia as well. Given the hard work each has put into their art and the high caliber of that art itself, one can only hope that The Long and Short of It continue climbing the country music ranks and are embraced en masse by fans of new country music worldwide.